The Spoon Theory

It can be very difficult to explain to someone who doesn’t live with invisible chronic illness why we can’t always do some of the things we wish that we were able to do. It hurts when they judge us as lazy or think that we don’t want to spend time with them. What is hard to explain is that we have to choose whether or not the thing that we want to do is worth the consequences of the pain and fatigue it will cause. And trying to do too much on a “good” day leaves us wiped out for days afterward.

table spoon stamped "don't waste your spoons"

{Image courtesy of Milk & Honey LLC}

Have you ever heard of “The Spoon Theory”? It explains the idea of having a finite amount of energy to get through each day and how, if we use too much energy or “too many spoons” on one thing, we won’t have enough left for the other things that we want or need to do that day. I highly recommend reading The Spoon Theory and sharing it with family and friends.


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